Our Team

 “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” –Phil Jackson




Our operations are distributed between our delivery centers in San Jose, Costa Rica; and Lima, Perú.



Meet our Management Team in more detail,





Tomas Rodriguez is an energetic person and, as the COO of the company, he is responsible for the delivery at the company, including development, QA, IT and Architecture. He is the one making sure things happen the right way in the company, to projects, clients and people. His background is on Industrial Engineering, being a people and process oriented executive, and an Agile coach and fan.






Laura Rojas - Director of Project Management



Laura Rojas is the Director of Project Management at Proximity. She is a creative and effective leader who has the ability to drive to solutions for even the most difficult technology challenges. She knows how to create high performance teams and acts in the best interest of our clients which is shown through continuous successful product delivery.

Her academic background involves a bachelor degree on Computer Science, being a Scrum Master Certified and having a Master Degree on Project Management. As part of her role, she oversees projects and tech leads in the company, supporting them and our clients in everything needed.









Marie France Beaulieu is a Director of Project Management. She is a Scrum Master Certified, ITIL Certified and has a MBA on Enterprise Management. Marie France is a natural leader that creates a positive environment with her teams and clients, being always ready to help them. Her job involves ensuring that all projects are met in accordance with project goals/objectives, overseeing all aspects of the project and teams she has assigned.











Marcela Aguilar is a Project Manager at Proximity and a person who enjoy her work and helping others. She is a Scrum Master Certified, with studies on Industrial Engineering and over 8 years of experience in multinational companies. Her role involves leading projects with an agile orientation as key part of the organization mindset, with resources in multiple locations and on different technologies.










Helena Morales is a Project Manager at Proximity. She leads different projects with an agile orientation, her main purpose is to make things happen. With a background in Public Affairs, studies in Project Management, and a deep knowledge on the Software Industry in Costa Rica, she is all about the people while she helps our clients to reach their goals.












Claudio Gomez is a Technical Manager at Proximity. With a background on Software Engineering and Scrum Master Certified, Claudio is the right person to create  and evolve highly effective agile teams, being a great example of what a Servant Leader is.











Sergio Vindas is our IT Manager and also the person in charge of managing our Delivery Center in Lima, Peru. Passionate about technology, Sergio manages the team in Lima, coordinating all the work done there and making sure the exceptional experience we offer to our clients is fulfilled independently of where the people is located. He has a professional background on Telematics and studies on Management, he is a serious fan of the Sky at Night photography.




Adolfo Cruz-Luthmer is the CEO and Founder of the Company. With more than 20 years in the technology business, acting as CXO of different companies in Costa Rica and the US, he has been responsible for hundreds of projects successfully executed. His background is on Industrial Engineering with an MBA and a Major on Finance and Marketing.

In 2013 Adolfo was selected among the 50 most relevant people in LatinAmerica in the IT industry by Nearshore America’s Power 50 ranking.