PROXIMITY PERU We are happy to share with you some good news about Proximity that may be of your interest. As you may know, we have been in a growing mode since last year, we already have 100+ engineers working with us, for clients located (mainly) in the USA and Canada. Bringing the best talent on board is always our main goal, together with providing you, as a client, an exceptional experience. Even though Costa Rica is a great place for that, and will continue being our main location, during the last 12 months we have been working on identifying other markets where we can tap for additional resources to complement our main operation in Costa Rica. After a deep analysis, we are glad to share with you the good news that we have just opened our second delivery operation in Lima, Peru. A couple of factors weighted in that decision: A population of 32 Million people (compared with 5 Million people in Costa Rica) We have found very good talent with great technical skills, comparable to Costa Rica. English: we have been able to find people with very good communication skills in English. From a management perspective, we have […]

Sometimes solutions to problems come in the most unexpected way. Like this past January, when some unexpected news sparked the idea that allowed us to create our Research, Development and Innovation group without exceeding our current spent, and generating extraordinary results along the way. In the next few paragraphs, I share our journey from bench to rafting.   Unexpected news   It all started back in January 2015, when we got some bad news. After being just a few months with the company, I had to step out of the office for a couple of days to co-train a Certified Scrum Master workshop. The team I was asked to focus on was doing greatly so I didn’t feel any apprehension for not being around for a while.   But our friend Murphy knows how to deliver. In the morning of the workshop’s first day I got some unexpected news: our customer (the company’s largest) was requesting an important temporary downsize in his operation with us. So I got in touch with company’s management and they told me they were going to handle it, to carry on with the workshop as planned.   However, e-mails kept going back and forth and […]

  Let’s play…   Imagine yourself as your preferred character, the one you always wanted to be as a child. Is your character a Nemesis or a Super Hero?   There is a fact; every story has a Nemesis. If you choose to be a Nemesis, are you a good one?   But, what does it mean to be a good Nemesis?     Well, understanding Nemesis as a long-standing rival; a Good Nemesis will be a person who keeps you awake all the time, the person who tries to prove your super powers constantly. Good Nemesis is the villain that will make you a better person every day.   Once in a while you can be a Nemesis in your team, in your project, in your Company and you do not even notice it! Surprised? Well, that is not a problem; the real and big deal is How to become a Good Nemesis?   No matter how we idealize a Nemesis, what we see in them can say a lot about the qualities we seek or judge.   Here are some features of what distinguish a Good Nemesis from a Bad one: A Nemesis will teach you valuable lessons. […]

One additional aspect that is usually overlooked when choosing an outsourcing location and more specially when defining your outsourcing partner, is the cultural difference between countries and companies. Let me elaborate a little bit more on this.   The Cultural Barrier Challenge:   The effect of different cultures may affect the communication process and the easiness needed to work effectively in an agile world.   Cultural barriers can be evident, or much subtler, such as when, “We may have problems implementing this” may actually be a polite way of saying, “We cannot do this…” or “I don’t have a clue on how to do this”    Other cultural barriers arise when finer points or nuances are misunderstood due to thinking within a different framework, specially when project failures or problems occur, and the need to communicate setbacks arise.   Many of our clients have had previous experience working with countries in the other side of the world and the cultural part has been an issue that occasionally have created  unforeseen problems that are hard to solve. In some cases, asking questions is seen as something “bad” from the provider side, or “a disrespect to the client who is explaining requirements”. Same thing […]