Let’s play…   Imagine yourself as your preferred character, the one you always wanted to be as a child. Is your character a Nemesis or a Super Hero?   There is a fact; every story has a Nemesis. If you choose to be a Nemesis, are you a good one?   But, what does it mean to be a good Nemesis?     Well, understanding Nemesis as a long-standing rival; a Good Nemesis will be a person who keeps you awake all the time, the person who tries to prove your super powers constantly. Good Nemesis is the villain that will make you a better person every day.   Once in a while you can be a Nemesis in your team, in your project, in your Company and you do not even notice it! Surprised? Well, that is not a problem; the real and big deal is How to become a Good Nemesis?   No matter how we idealize a Nemesis, what we see in them can say a lot about the qualities we seek or judge.   Here are some features of what distinguish a Good Nemesis from a Bad one: A Nemesis will teach you valuable lessons. […]