The way we work with you

Every project starts with what we call the “On boarding Process”, where we define a set of critical aspects for the project and for the business relationship, before we start elaborating on specific projects or requirements



Methodologies are important tools that allow us to create order, increase efficiency and to deliver high quality services and products. This, together with having the best talent available executing the project in an organized way, is the best recipe for success.


Understanding the fact that every project is unique, we start every business relationship with an on boarding process where we review, analyze and define all the conditions needed to start working the right way, and where expectations and goals are shared openly, so we all can be on the same page.


The Engagement Process covers 3 main areas:



Coordination Model.


The goal is:

  • To understand the big picture of your business.
  • To review and discuss the technology stack that will be used.
  • To review and define the methodology and the coordination and collaborative model to be used.
  • To define the expectations from both parties, and the way success will be measured 3/6/12 months later.



The Team


The goal is:

  • To define and review the profiles required for team members.
  • To define and review the roles and responsibilities of the main stakeholders.
  • To review the staffing process that Proximity follows, defining the client participation (if any)
  • To define the training plan for team members (if needed).





The goal is:

  • To define all the aspects related to connectivity.
  • To define all the aspects related to security (if any in particular)
  • To define the hardware and software needed (if any in particular)
  • To define any particular condition for the facilities that the team will use.
  • Delivery is our expertise!


No previous experience with outsourcing?

Do not worry, we have years of experience successfully guiding clients into the world of Agile Nearshoring. Let’s talk!