Costa Rica is always an attractive option to invest in Latin America; the outsourcing modality is growing and becoming more and more popular to USA companies who choose Costa Rica as their Outsourcing destination because of the many advantages the Country has, the Human Talent the Proximity with the US (this is where our name comes from!), and a great Business Environment. As the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency says, “in an innovative business world, Costa Rica is ready for the challenge of taking high tech industries and showing how a tradition of peace, education and innovation are the perfect formula to make business”


With the constitution in 1949, Costa Rica decided to ban any armed forces, making it one of only a handful of countries in the world without an army, still to this day. By investing in education instead of funding an army, Costa Rica now boasts a 98% literacy rate, the highest in Latin America. The Costa Rican workforce stands out for its high educational standards and outstanding productivity levels. These capabilities are the expected outcome of a historical commitment to pursue greater economic growth and higher living standards through an energetic and widespread educational policy at all levels of instruction. Education in Costa Rica is free and mandatory since 1870 and the English is mandatory as a second language in all schools, both private and public.

Other elements that make Costa Rica a great option to do IT outsourcing are:

  • A Highly skilled labor forceOutsourcing Costa Rica
  • Strategic location near to the USA (Proximity!)
    • Costa Rica is in Central Standard Time.
    • 5 – 5 Hours Flight from major US Cities.
    • Direct Flights from major US cities.
  • High safety index
  • Business culture is very aligned with North
  • Low environmental risks
  • Multilingual capabilities

Proximity Costa Rica is the best outsourcing option for companies in North America, not only because we have 10+ years of experience working mainly for clients in the US and Canada, but also because we know how it works and what it takes to solve the challenges that the outsourcing experience and the agile development involve.


Something that our clients value tremendously is how easy is to communicate with our engineers. Their capacity to understand what the client is explaining or asking, their competency to provide ideas on different approaches based on previous experiences, to make the right questions, and their commitment to make things happen is essential.


How it works? There’s no magic on this, it is a matter of experience. Our Client-Centric approach encourages permanent and direct interaction with all levels of our company including Engineers, Project Managers, QA, Architects, and Executive Management. No “translators” or onsite “facilitators” are needed and we focus on becoming an extension of your development organization, transcending the “us’ and “them” model to work as single team.


Whether you need to improve the performance, functionality or effectiveness of your existing web applications; need to build a new cloud based solution from scratch, do testing on your systems, or need to port your applications and functionality to mobile devices, we have the expertise to help you with your software development projects, using different technologies according to your needs.


Costa Rica is well known as a solid destination for outsourcing and Proximity Costa Rica is your best option to expand your capacity. We see ourselves not as a provider, not even as a partner, but as an extension of your organization. We have the expertise, the business model, the talent, and the spirit focused on creating a unique ‘Experience’ for each customer, profoundly better than any of our competitors.


Please contact us to learn more about the benefits of our services and business model.



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