Our Outsourcing Technology Services provide english speaking, highly skilled talent, experts on providing solutions where technology is just the vehicle.




Software Outsourcing Technologies



Our expertise


Proximity provides best-in-class, bilingual english-spanish engineers who bring both domain expertise and customer-facing experience. Our expertise in Software Outsourcing Development involves different technologies and tools for custom application design, construction and maintenance.


No matter if we are talking about Desktop applications, Web Applications, Service Oriented Architecture – SOA-, Software as a Service – SaaS – Cloud computing, or Mobile Development we have developed expertise and proprietary tools that can help you to speed up the development process, increasing standardization, quality and security, and reducing the time to market, while you have easy to maintain applications, portable, scalable and with a great user interface.


The Software Development Life Cycle is done using different frameworks and best practices to assure both quality and efficiency, while the interaction process with the client is transparent.


No matter if you want us to store the code in your servers, having the team accessing them remotely, or if you prefer us to work in our own infrastructure for later implementation, we assure that we will use the right technologies according to the project needs.