About Us

Who We Are

Proximity 10Pearls is a nearshore technology services company managed by a group of enthusiastic and caring professionals who live and share exceptional experiences at every possible opportunity.

What we do: For more than 20 years, we have provided software design, development, integration, maintenance, testing, and improvement solutions to clients in the United States and Canada, under the Nearshore modality, with a service approach based on excellence, long-term mutual benefit, empathy, and adaptability, providing an exceptional experience.


Our Promise

Our work philosophy consists of becoming an extension of you, understanding your needs and goals in-depth, and acting with initiative, commitment, and collaboration, and providing an exceptional experience.

We believe in:

  • A better way of providing outsourced technology services. A more valuable, hassle-free approach where you get the exceptional quality you need without all the obstacles that make traditional outsourcing so challenging.
  • Providing convenience and easy communication. Our different locations in LATAM give you easy access to a pool of highly qualified developers and engineers in multiple technologies and platforms. Furthermore, since we speak your language and work when you work, we're always available when you need us.
  • Being more than just a provider or partner. We're an extension of your organization. So, whether you need us to integrate with your in-house staff or serve as your entiredevelopment team, we have you covered.
  • Our highly skilled and experienced developers offer top-notch quality at a fraction of the cost compared to US-based options.

Unlock the full potential of your software projects with Nearshore Software Development services from Latin America with empathy, adaptability, excellence, and long-term mutual benefit.


How We Do It


Our approach encourages direct interaction with all levels of our company, including engineers, Customer Success Managers, QA, architects, and executive management. And it pays off!

Something that our clients value tremendously is how easy it is to communicate with our engineers. Their capacity to understand what the client is explaining or asking, their competency to provide ideas on different approaches based on previous experiences, and their commitment to make things happen is essential to us.

How we do it: The success of our work lies in reliability, flexibility, and providing an exceptional experience to our customers. We work so that relationships with our clients and our teams are credible, smooth, and transparent so that everything flows naturally. Working under the Agile framework allows us to identify, react, change, and address any problem or opportunity as quickly as possible, always focusing on the added value of the work done.


Our Team

Why Choose Proximity 10Pearls?

By partnering with us to solve your digital challenges, we can bring you much more than software development and maintenance.

  • Expertise in a variety of technologies and platforms
  • High-quality and reliable software development services
  • Cost-effective and scalable solutions
  • Fast and efficient project delivery
  • Strong communication and collaboration
  • Dedicated and experienced project management


Our proprietary framework is based on our experience working with dozens of clients successfully.