Are you a good Nemesis?

Are you a good Nemesis?

What is a Nemesis?


Let’s play…


Imagine yourself as your preferred character, the one you always wanted to be as a child. Is your character a Nemesis or a Super Hero?


There is a fact; every story has a Nemesis. If you choose to be a Nemesis, are you a good one?


But, what does it mean to be a good Nemesis?



Well, understanding Nemesis as a long-standing rival; a Good Nemesis will be a person who keeps you awake all the time, the person who tries to prove your super powers constantly. Good Nemesis is the villain that will make you a better person every day.


Once in a while you can be a Nemesis in your team, in your project, in your Company and you do not even notice it! Surprised? Well, that is not a problem; the real and big deal is How to become a Good Nemesis?


No matter how we idealize a Nemesis, what we see in them can say a lot about the qualities we seek or judge.


Here are some features of what distinguish a Good Nemesis from a Bad one:

  • A Nemesis will teach you valuable lessons.
  • You as a Nemesis will expose your team’s weaknesses as a way to admit them, correct them and learn from them.
  • As a Nemesis you want people moving and shaking the earth with their powers promoting them to make mistakes. As a Hero that is a challenge that opens a gateway for discovery.
  • A Nemesis is going to tell you “don’t look too far ahead”, that you are going to fail, that you are going to make mistakes, which means that you are taking risks, that you are going somewhere, that you are winning, that you are moving the world! And as some people say: it’s hard to hit a moving target.
  • The Nemesis is going to try to go one step forward than you, challenging you.
  • A Nemesis is always thinking but more important to that, the Nemesis is always feeling.
  • A Good Nemesis is preparing you for success.
  • They are hard workers and engaged with their cause.
  • A Good Nemesis is curious, creative, unpredictable and analytical.


Are you a good Nemesis for your team?


At the end, a Nemesis is a super villain but is also a hero that is trying to achieve a goal, a dream and a vision.


A Super Hero or a Good Nemesis, both need to inspire and to be inspired, to be encouraged to do great things, to lead with character, to promote positive feelings, to be resilient during the most stressful moments.


Sometimes, we need Good Nemesis to understand Heroes.


The most important thing is to understand the interests and dreams that make us feel alive, that drive us every day, that make us Great Heroes!


Share with us your ideas. Which SuperHero or Nemesis is your favorite/least favorite??


PD: If a Nemesis is a super villain but is also a hero. Is a Hero also a super villain? To be continued…



Laura Rojas -Director of Project Management @ Proximity




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